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Oh Asparagus! How I love thee, let me count the ways!

WHO absolutely LOVES Asparagus?  Raise your hands!  Oh look at all of you!  So exciting to see the many fans of this delectable vegetable!  I myself did not have a clue 5 years ago that this vegetable was so great, then that changed when my sister bought me a bundle which I eventually (after much discussion with the DH) made into a tasty side dish which turned me into my current fanatic state of this odd looking veggie!

So, Asparagus.  As I was debating what was going to make it into my garden it wasn’t hard to make the decision to making this vegetable would be in my garden so I could go out and pick some every Spring and be the happiest woman in the world while doing it.  So I ordered 20 crowns from a reputable company online, it arrived on my doorstep, and it promptly went into my cheese drawer in my fridge to keep cool until planting.  That was about… April.  So what happened is I ran into the instructions on the internet on how to plant said veggie.  It was not a hard process, but it was hard for me to process that I wouldn’t be able to go out and cut me up some fresh from the garden Asparagus for 2 years!  That’s right! Zippo, nada until the spring of 2014.  I saw this as a BIG commitment from my self and the lovely raised bed my DH had built me just for it.

Fast forward 4 months later. I still have the crowns in my cheese drawer, I still have an empty raised bed, I still really love the stuff.  So yesterday I soaked the crowns for several hours and headed out to the corner of the yard.

Asparagus trench I turned my soil (3 parts topsoil to 1 part compost) and dug 2 lovely trenches.   Just like so!

Jersey KnightThen I placed my crowns 6″ apart over a little rounded mound on the bottom of the trench. Like so.

After placing them just so, (they remind me of Octopi sitting in dirt) I covered them in 2 inches of dirt. Approximately anyhow.

Can you see it or is it just me?

Now the waiting is upon me.  When will I get to sample the wonderfully delicious self-grown asparagus?  It looks like a high possibility of picking some up at the store this week!

This is my own fallout version of planting Asparagus.  Many of the people I have spoken to, or read about on the subject recommend at least a foot (12″) between crowns, which I deemed a bit much even though I am an amateur gardener.  I was taught as a child that you make decisions and you have to reap the consequences.  So if I am out in my garden in 3 years replanting my over grown Asparagus because I planted it to close, I will have learned my dear lesson.