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Are you CRAVING Thanksgiving dinner?

I am already craving the Feast that is ahead this month.  So to fill the need of my stomach with speed I tossed some ingredients in a pot and came up with this beauty!DSCN0233

Thanksgiving Dinner Soup

Serves 4

Time:15 minutes

2 T Butter

1/2 cup diced onion

2 sticks chopped celery

1 large thinly sliced carrot

2 cups shredded chicken

2 cups water

2 cups milk

3 t. chicken boullion

1/2 t thyme

1 1/2 t ground sage

1 t poultry seasoning


1 prepared package of Turkey Stove Top

Saute the vegetable in the butter until tender, about 5 minutes.  Add in chicken, water, milk and spices.  Bring to a boil.  Prepare the Stove Top as directed on the box.  I make this in a microwave safe container in 5 minutes tops.  Ladle “soup” into bowls and top with a generous serving spoon of stuffing.  I like each bite of soup to have some stuffing accompanying it, that way the soup doesn’t feel like it is meeting its doom all by itself. 🙂  Happy Early Celebrating!DSCN0232           Before Topped with StuffingDSCN0234The Final Product


Chicken Salad, the right way

Does anybody else out there in internet land absolutely hate dry chicken?  I don’t like casseroles, salads, main dishes, etc, with dry chicken.  Moist.  Yesterday was my set aside day to can chicken to last me for at least 6 months. So 40 lbs of chicken was trimmed, crammed into quart and pint jars then pressure canned.  Now I have these lovely jars sitting on my counter. 🙂  100_0889Unfortunately one pint didn’t seal.  First thought in my head was an ingredients list to moist chicken salad.

Canned chicken, Craisens, celery, green onions, Greek yogurt, mayo, white wine vinegar, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper.

Did you know that Mayo is fattening?  I cry about it sometimes.  So to make my chicken salad moist but not incredibly, over the top fattening I do a half and half situation with plain Greek yogurt.  Everybody happy?  The thing I like best about this recipe, is I have never really written it down and so it changes.  Today I didn’t have green onions.  I had a smaller amount of chicken but I added a full 2 stalks of celery.  I also prefer using white pepper instead of freshly ground black because my boys don’t like to see black specs in a mostly white concoction.

2 cups shredded chicken

2 stalks chopped celery

1/4 to 1/2 cups Craisens

1 chopped green onion

2 teaspoons white wine vinegar

1/3 cup Mayo

1/3 cup plain Greek yogurt

1 teaspoon Italian seasoning

salt and pepper to taste

Toss all of your ingredients to taste in a bowl.  Mix it around and put in pita, in a tortilla wrap, or put it with tomato and lettuce on toasted whole wheat bread.  This stuff is addictive.  It also makes a great fancy lunch item for when relatives decide to stop by.  Think about it, make it, eat it, love it.  I do. 🙂100_0877 100_0881 100_0884 100_0886

I also want to apologize for the pictures.  The only working camera in the house is my son’s 1.3 mp camera.  So imagine the lovely green celery slices and purplish red dried cranberries catching your eye automatically making your mouth moisten.  Okay?