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Zaycon! They’re at it again! A new product that is!

Southern Idaho,

2 days left to place your order! 

*New Product* – Extra Long Fancy Grade A Natural Fries – ONLY $.89/lb!  


CLICK HERE to see our Video on this product! 

These come frozen in a 36lb. case, divided into 6 – 6lb. bags.  They are 3/8 regular cut with skin on.

36 pounds at $.89/lb is only $32.04 a case!  You don’t want to miss out!  

Copy and paste this link to order!

Have a great day!


Zaycon!? What is that?

Zaycon!  A great business delivering quality food to your town! I’m excited because in my area (Boise,ID) they are offering their chicken tenders again!  That’s right, again!  When they first offered chicken tenders I bought an entire box (20lbs) on good faith because I had experienced other products and been happy with the results.

So I ordered another box which I will take home like the first box, quickly and easily pack them up into individual gallon freezer bags (6 gallons plus a small snack) and throw them in the freezer for quick meals, add-ins or sandwich/ wrap material!

For $40 +tax I get enough “chicken nuggets” (what my kids call them) to keep us happy for a good year.  Not only do my kids like them as if they are chicken nuggets (because they aren’t, the chicken has not been ground up) but they cost less than an average bag of manufactured, ground up chicken parts that are breaded then sold as chicken nuggets at your local grocery store for $5 a bag.  So head on over to Zaycon’s website and check to see what they are delivering to your area!