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Fred Meyer 8/2- 8/8. Orange Juice, Milk, Butter, BBQ Sauce, Cheese

Fred Meyer is a bit lacking in quantity of good deals this week, but there are still a few decent deals that should get you out of your chair, grabbing a shopping cart.

Fred Meyer OJ Half Gallon

10 for $10 with in-ad coupon

$1 each

Fred Meyer Milk Half Gallon

10 for $10 with in-ad coupon

Use .75/1 gallon milk (UT and ID only)

Final Price .67 per half gallon!

Challenge Butter 1lb

$2 each

Use .55/1 lb Challenge Butter (

$1.45 a pound!

Bandon Medium Cheddar Cheese 2 lb.

$4.99 each

Use $1 off 2 lbs cheese (UT and ID only)


Kraft BBQ Sauce

$.79 each

Use .60/2 Kraft BBQ (SS 8/19)

$0.49 each WYB 2

What are you getting this week at Fred Meyers?


Rite Aid 9/2-9/8. Free Renu, Stayfree and Sani-hands! Cheap Colgate, Revlon Tools, and Almay!

Rite Aid is starting their new +UP policy today!  So be prepared to learn something new at the register.  If  you have any questions go to their website or and they will give you more info than I have.

Attention all contact wearers!

re-nu sensitive Multi-Purpose Solution 8.99

Use $2/1 re-nu product (

OOP 6.99

Receive $7 +Up (limit 1)

$0.01 Money Maker!

Stayfree $4

B1G1 50% off

Use 2 $2/1 Stayfree product (SS 8/26)


Sani-Hands $2.99

OOP $2.99

Submit for SCR


Colgate Toothpaste $2.99

Use in-ad coupon -$2

and .75/1 Colgate toothpaste (SS 8/26)


Revlon Tools (Price will vary)

B1G1 50% off

$3 +Up when you buy 2

SCR for Eye Beauty Tools $2/1 (limit 2)

Cheap or Free!

Almay!  The price will depend on what product you are looking to buy.  The best deals will most likely be on the face products. Let me tell you the possibilities and you pick which you want to make bank on.

$2/1 Almay product (SS 8/05)

B1G1 50% off all Almay products

There are ad-perk videos for $2/1 Almay Intense I-Color as well as a $3/1 All Almay Wake Up Makeup!

$4 +up when you buy $10 of Almay products (this is before coupons are in!)

SCR for Almay Face Product (foundation, powder, blush, or concealer) $2/1 (limit 3)

Depending on the needed items, they could be free or Money Maker.  Worst case they will be super cheap!

Those are the deals I am spotting right now!  I will probably post an update after I get to the store this week!  Good luck and good shopping!  Let me know what deals you get!

Fred Meyer Deals for 8/19- 8/25

Fred Meyer has so many decent deals this week!  Not only on groceries either!

The first deal I want to point out is for the pharmacy! On the bottom right hand corner of the the 3rd page of this weeks ad it says:

Transfer a PRESCRIPTION, you could get $25 loaded on your Rewards Card to use on your next purchase!

In small print is says Rewards Card must be presented when paying for transferred prescription. ( This sounds like free groceries to me!)

Now for the groceries!

Red, Green or Black Seedless Grapes $0.78 lb

Fred Meyer Milk or OJ $10 for 10.                                                                               With in-ad coupon. Limit 10                                                                                                           Use .75/1 Milk Coupon (                                                                                   0.68 per half gallon of milk

Fred Meyer Butter 1lb                                                                                                              $2 each!

Edge or Skintimate Shave Gel 7 oz                                                                                    .99 with In-store mfr. coupon                                                                                                        Use .55/1 Skintimate gel (SS 07/22)  or                                                                                      Use .55/1 Edge Shave Gel (SS 07/15)                                                                                         .44 each!

Fred Meyer is hit or miss, but this week would be a getting back to basics week!  Don’t forget to drop the kiddos off in the Adult supervised child area and relax as you coupon!

Rite-Aid August 19-25 ~Everything in this post is STOCK-UP Pricing!

Rite Aid is on FIRE!  If I had a choice I would live there this next week!  Not only are there great sale prices, there are a lot of Single Check Rebates available to go with them. To top it off, there are even several adperk coupons to match!  When you open this Sunday’s Rite Aid ad, flip straight to page 3 which is full of school supplies. All of them are either B1G1 50% off or B1G1 Free.

All of these products are possibly included in the sale items for this week!  That would make them cheap, free, or possibly even money makers! Can I hear a Thank You Rite Aid! But that is just school related items.

** Ladies and Gents!  I just got back from Rite Aid, and the combination on SC’s and sales are just okay.  Other than the 3 pack of Rite Aid brand tape.

Buy 2 3-packs of Rite Aid Tape (B1G1 Free)

Total 3.69

Submit for $3 SCR.  I am officially ready for wrapping presents this Christmas!

Now for the Revlon Deals (i.e. steals!)

The Revlon SCR can be combined with the $2.00 off Revlon Eye Beauty Tools or Brow Pencils ad-perk coupon.  Making these super cheap or free.

This SCR can be combined with the deal on the bottom of page 6. Buy any 3 Nail Enamel, get a $3 +up reward.  If you buy $10 (2 bottles approx) of Revlon and any other enamel you could receive the $3 +up and submit for a $4 SCR, making you feel 10 times better as you pamper yourself!

Done with the Single Check Rebates! Now for the coupon deals!
Samy Fat Foam Hair Color $8.99
-$6.00 of in-ad coupon
-$2.00 of adperk coupon (YMMV, both have a RC49 code in the barcode line)
Possible to get a box for .99!
Rips Licorice $0.99
Use $0.50/1 Rips licorice SS 06/24/12 or SS 07/22/12
$0.49 (These sour candies are addictive!)
Hershey’s Simple Pleasures $2.99
Use $2.00/1 Simple Pleasures  (SS 8/19)
$0.99 OR
Buy 2, use 2 $2/1 and use $1/2 Simple Pleasures Pouches Adperk coupon
Grand Total of .49 each! ( I hope these are as good as they look!)
The best of the ad!  Free with +UP!
Max Freeze or Max Heat Pain Relievers $7
$7 +up Reward
FREE (limit 1)
Sleep Sheets $5
$5 +up reward
FREE (limit 1)
Magni Life Restless Legs Creme $11
$11 +up reward
$2 off Any Magni Product Adperk coupon
$2 MONEY MAKER! (limit 1)
Rite Aid Hand Sanitizer (8 oz) $1
$1 +up reward
FREE (limit 4)
Are you watching your AdPerk Videos yet?  Head on over to to login to start saving and getting the GREAT deals!  After 19 hours of working and fiddling I still can’t get the spacing right on the coupon deals, sorry.  But I am just going to let it go.  Hopefully it won’t happen again.

Ben & Jerry’s Coupon!










Hop on Facebook and INDULGE!  I picked my Hubby as my spooning partner!  After you pick your partner it allows you to print of a coupon for $1.00 off 2 pints of Greek Frozen Yogurt!  Don’t for get to hit back and resend, for your second coupon!

I will keep my eyes out for a good deal to use this on.  We have a full month before it expires!

Albertson’s Round Up! 8/15- 8/21 FREE Bounty Basic Paper Towels, Carefree, Colgate Toothbrushes, Toothpaste and Very affordable Frigo Cheese Heads!

One of my favorite things is getting a great deal! At the Albertson’s NorthWest stores they are offering to make all of your coupons .25 and up to .99 worth one whole dollar!  That .25 cent coupon you have sitting around in your purse is worth one buckeroo this week, and if it is the right coupon it may even score you a free tube of toothpaste!

So lets start off with the Tooth Paste deal!

Colgate Toothpaste 6.4 oz.

.99 with in ad-coupon (limit 4)

Then use a $0.50/1 Colgate Toothpaste, exp. 8/18/12 (SS 07/29/12) which they will automatically round up to $1.

Free toothpaste! Walah!

Colgate Toothbrush 1 ct.

.99 with in ad-coupon (limit 4)

Then use a $0.40 Colgate Adult or Kids Toothbrush (SS 08/12/12) which they will automatically round up to $1.

Free toothbrushes!

Bounty Basic Paper Towels

Regular shelf price 10 for $10

Use a $0.25 Bounty towels or napkins (P&G 7/29) which they will automatically round up to $1.

Free paper towels!

Carefree Feminine Care 16-22 ct

Sale price .99

Then use $0.50/1 Carefree (SS 7/22) which they will automatically round up to $1.

Free Carefree!

Frigo Cheese Heads 12 ct.

Sale price $2.99

Then use $0.40/1 Frigo Cheese ( which they will automatically round up to $1.

$1.99 (which is a great deal!)

Post Honey Bunches of Oats

Sale price $2

When you buy five boxes a CAT for $4 off your next purchase will print.

Making each box $1.20!

and if you are a yogurt junkie you will love this deal!

Yoplait Yogurt Cups

Sale price .50

Buy 6, use $0.40/6 Yoplait cups (SS 7/08) which they will automatically round up to $1.

.34 per cup OR

Buy 20, use 3 $0.40/6 Yoplait cups (SS 7/08) which they will automatically round up to $1.

When you buy $10 worth of yogurt a $2 CAT is printing, making each cup only $0.25!

All of these deals are STOCK-Up Prices!  Albertson’s gets a bad rap for having high prices, but the folks that spread those rumors haven’t ever couponed there!

Are you clippin’ coupons and getting ready to head out the door?  Let me know of your successes or if you have any questions!