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What lovely breasts! Chicken breasts of course!

Skipping through a field of Lillies.  Yes, that is what my mind automatically started playing when I opened up my e-mail to a notice of Chicken Breasts coming to Southern Idaho!  I am down to one small package of chicken and was starting to wonder when Zaycon would be dropping by with some more yummy, gorgeous breasts for me to make into my dinner!

Zaycon Chicken Breasts!

~Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts~
This delicious product is our trademark.
Our 100% natural chicken has no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients. This is the freshest chicken you will ever taste!

40 lb. case
$1.69 lb!

National Average Sale Price is $2.51/lb.


We are taking orders now

and sell out quickly!

That is the e-mail I was so excited about!  Are you ready to order?  Let me point out on of the big parts.  It is a 40 lb case!  I split one of these puppies with my parents.  It makes the task of unpacking, and preparation for freezing seem like a surmountable task.    I especially like slicing them into tenderloins!  Copy and paste the link to get your order in, because these really are great chicken breasts.


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